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1. What is the tryout procedure?

All players, both new and existing are required to tryout each year. The tryout fee is $10 per player. Players will go through evaluations and team selections will be determined. Players are expected to attend designated tryout dates for their age group.

2. How many sessions does a player need to attend during the tryout process?

Players should attend every possible session to ensure adequate time for proper evaluation.

3. Which team should my child tryout for?

When possible, NASC strives to offer teams of varying ability and commitment within the same age group. Consult the NASC website for team summaries, basic framework for team structure, and expectations of players.

4. Can players play-up an age group?

We encourage our players to play in the most competitive age group/bracket possible for maximum development. A player may play on a higher age group team ONLY if that player is deemed an “impact player” (see definition below) by the DOC and the coaching staff of both the player’s true age group and the age group above. The DOC will make the final decision after consultation with the coaching staff and the family of the player concerned. The decision will be made at the end of the tryout period. Depending on the age group, an “impact player” is a player who is deemed to be in the top 7-11 players of the older age team. This determination takes into account the player’s technical and physical abilities, tactical knowledge and emotional development.

Moving forward, NASC has a plan in place to identify top players in all ages, starting from 7/8U, and offering them training/game play with older groups without a need to separate them entirely from their birth year groups. In some cases, players might be entirely moved to an older age group if, in addition to being technically ready, they are physically, psychosocially, and tactically ready. This decision will not be player/parent driven, but rather based on coaching staff and DOC evaluations, and parents will be consulted prior to decisions are made.

5. What is your philosophy on when tryouts should be competitive?

NASC endorses a strong system of development across all age groups (Total Soccer Development). As such, NASC offers both Recreational and Competitive programs starting at 9U. During tryouts/evaluations, players will either be selected for the Competitive program, or offered a choice to play in our Recreational program. Players in our Recreational program will consistently be evaluated for playing opportunities in the Competitive program, without the pressure of leaving that environment. All players will have a place to play at NASC.

6. How are teams at 12U and younger formed?

Players will be placed into pools and divided into appropriate levels for games. 9U-10/11U players will participate in 2-4 tournaments per season, the North Alabama Youth Soccer League (NAYSL), and/or club friendlies. The top 11U players MAY also be able to compete in the Alabama State League.  All 12U players will participate in the Alabama State League, and 2-4 tournaments per season.  Players will routinely be shared between teams to help balance and provide an adequate number of games per player.  NASC strongly believes that the youth program is paramount to our long-term success, and will make every effort to place young players on a team and ensure the players participate at the most appropriate level of competition.

7. How are teams at 13U and older formed?

North Alabama SC will form the top team for that division in order to prepare them for competition.  Additional teams are formed as players are available. This begins the first process of developing competitive teams.

8. What factors are the coaches considering when evaluating my child?

There are many factors when forming the upper age group teams. All coaches vary in their exact approach, but common factors include: skill, tactical awareness, fitness, coachability/attitude, commitment to soccer, and personality.

9. Do returning players still have to tryout?

All returning players must tryout regardless of team assignment or age.

10. Who will coach my child?

Coaches for established teams are announced in advance of tryouts. The Director of Coaching reserves the right to shift coaches to accommodate the best interest of the players and club. We often have reserve coaches waiting to take on a new or additional team to accommodate any new teams that may be formed. In this case, your prospective coach will be made known to you before asking your intent to play. Some of our coaches also coach High School soccer teams during the Spring, and due this commitment, a backup coach may be needed during the Spring club soccer season.

11. Do existing teams stay the same during the next season?

North Alabama SC does not endorse a system of cutting and/or dropping players at 12U and younger, but players may be offered a recreational path after being evaluated by our staff.  However, team transitioning through the 9U-12U age groups may be necessary to keep players of like abilities and commitments together. 13U and older teams are subject to change at each tryout. However, for all age groups, teams formed for the Fall season will stay intact for the Spring season as well. If necessay, the DOC’s will assist in the formation of any "hybrid" teams to compete in Winter and/or Spring leagues.

12. How will I be notified of my child’s status during the tryout procedure?

Whether your son or daughter makes a NASC pool/team or not, they will receive communication from the age group coach.  Coaches may begin selecting players on the first tryout day and continue until the final stages of the tryout period. All players will receive communication from the age group coach regarding which pool/team he or she has been offered/placed. Offers for team/pool placement may be done in person on the field, bu email, and/or on the phone after a session.

13. Can I bring an existing team into NASC?

NASC hosts an open tryout for all age groups. You are welcome to bring a group of players to tryouts. 

14. How does the State Cup moving to Spring affect NASC's team formation and player selection at the 12U Division II and 13U-14U Division I level?

The main motivation of the State moving the tournament date is twofold:

  1. It will shift a significant number of players from the already full Fall State tournaments to the Spring.

  2. Players will hopefully have more opportunity to play all year long. As a soccer club, we fully support playing all year long. However, it will not be our policy to restrict participation based on the player's desire to compete in the Spring or attend Spring State Cup. Players can be added to rosters as late as May, so if there are players that wish to compete in State Cup, we will make every effort to afford them the opportunity. In essence, we expect to maintain our regular seasons and offer a full year of training and games, just as we have always done.

15. What does signing a commitment form mean for 9U-12U and 13U-14U Division I?

At 9U-11U, it means that your son/daughter is signing up to play at NASC for the Fall and Spring seasons of that year (Ex. Fall 2020 - Spring 2021). Our Spring season starts mid-February of the new year. We know that some kids play other sports in the Spring, and we support them with our programming to allow them to do both soccer and other sports.

At 12U, it means that your son/daughter is committed to play at NASC for the Fall and Spring seasons of the Alabama State League for that year (Ex. Fall 2020 - Spring 2021). Our Spring season starts around mid-February of the new year. We know that some kids play other sports in the Spring, and we support them with our programming to allow them to do both soccer and other sports.

At 13U-14U D1, it means that your son/daughter is committed to play at NASC for the Fall and Spring seasons of that year (Ex. Fall 2020 - Spring 2021). Our Spring season starts around mid-February of the new year. We appreciate that players at this age group can play middle school and high school soccer in the Spring. We fully support our players participating in school soccer. However, with the 13U-14U Alabama State Cup being held in the Spring, teams will need to decide if they want to forego school soccer to prepare for State Cup, and an opportunity to qualify for National League and the Southern Regionals in June.

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