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The Juggling Club is open to all current North Alabama SC players. The club is designed to promote, encourage, and challenge our players to spend more time juggling the soccer ball in order to become more technical soccer players while having fun.

Juggling is the art of keeping the soccer ball in the air by bouncing it off your foot, thigh, head, and chest - no hands allowed. And, is an important and integral part of player development. Players that master juggling have

  • Better overall ball manipulation and control
  • Better coordination, balance, reaction, and speed on the ball
  • Learn to use both feet
  • Better first touch

Daily juggling at home or showing up to practice early is best. Work on all surfaces of your body until you are comfortable using any body part to control the ball. Your touches will increase as you practice.

You can juggle any time you want, it just takes you, a ball, and a little space. Challenge yourself and keep track of your personal best. It only takes 10-minutes a day to improve. 

Not all good jugglers are good soccer players, but ALL good soccer players are good jugglers!


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