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The primary goal of North Alabama SC is to provide development and competitive opportunities for youth soccer players at all ages and ability levels. To accomplish this goal we have implemented our Total Soccer Development system of training. Our Total Soccer Development system is both a curriculum and a philosophy that is player centric and focused on long-term player skill development at all levels of play.  

Our Total Soccer Development system is designed to focus on the process of playing and the development of a player's individual skills, ball mastery, and creativity. The measure of success is not the outcome of the games, but the progression of the player's development. The emphasis is on developing a total player and not simply creating winning teams at the expense of player development.

Measure your child's success and progression not by how many wins or losses the team has, but by how you can answer questions like:

  • Did my child dribble with control and pass with purpose?
  • Is my child better at the middle and end of the season than the beginning?
  • Did my child learn a new skill?

Our coaches achieve player development success by transferring their passion and love of the game to our players. Players need a balance of fun, challenge, and discipline to develop; however, development does not come from practicing twice a week and playing a game once a week. Players also need to play and practice on their own. Players need to spontaneous play and get touches on the ball outside of their organized, structured sessions to grow and develop.  Players learn by playing.



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